The same Cygnus you know and trust but with a fresh new look!

After years of operating as Cygnus Telecom, we have decided to shake things up for the 2020s, with a new name and an overall brand refresh- CYGNUS. Removing the word “Telecom” from our company name and all our branding was a big decision, but we feel it’s the right one. This blog will explain the why, the how, and the what behind the change.

Over the years we’ve evolved as a company and we thought it was time that our brand looked and felt this evolution too. While operating as Cygnus Telecom has brought us great success with the name, it does not fully encapsulate our future corporate vision of being an all-around connectivity solutions company. 

We’ve come a long way…

We achieved organic growth through several pioneering opportunities.
We successfully secured the Global Master Distributor Position for Thuraya Land Voice products.
We expanded our global services and offerings even further.
We developed strong partner relationships and global distribution channels.
(and so much more!)

As our reputation for great quality and well-measured results grew, word of mouth became a strong source for new leads and opportunities. And so, it was settled. We needed a refreshed brand identity, look, and feel that we can own and fully stand behind. 

Our renewed brand identity is that of an empowering “Explorer” brand, promising freedom to all customers, partners, and all stakeholders. Empowering you to explore the unknown, to explore new opportunities, to explore the path untaken with true peace of mind with Cygnus by your side. 

What’s new…

We’ve maintained a blue palette (our primary color for the past two decades). However, this fresh look & feel entails a very sophisticated blue selected from a deep ocean palette. The modernized blue color, the sleek stylized letters, and the minimalistic block that surrounds it accentuate the modernity, leadership, and authenticity of the brand. 

The logo’s geometric shape is bold, yet grounded. When you choose Cygnus, we want you to feel that you’ve picked a company with reliable and experienced professionals who are also down to earth.

We’ve got you covered. 

Our new tagline is a declaration of intentions, our manifesto. It is our approach to everything we do. We may be changing our logo, but our brand values remain the same and are represented by this tagline. Through the cold and snowy nights. Through the toughest of conditions. Through the good times and the bad ones. We’ve got you covered. 

This tagline addresses our excellence and commitment to each and every stakeholder. From our end customers to our partners, and distributors. Choosing Cygnus means getting 20+ years of tried and tested solutions, reliability and assurance like no other, unmatched flexibility to meet all your remote communication challenges, unwavering quality, and most of all, true peace of mind knowing that you’ve made the right choice. You can be assured, we’ve got you covered.

If you’ve worked with us for some time, we truly hope you like our rebranded look. 

In short

What ISN’T changing: We’re the same Cygnus that thousands of customers and partners around the world know and trust to solve their remote communication challenges.
What IS changing: Our new look and feel is a reflection of our brand evolution over the past 20 years, and our commitment to connecting to the world, anywhere, at any time.

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