Thuraya IP+

Making longer, off-the-grid adventures possible, the Thuraya IP+ offers no compromises on connectivity. With the flexibility to set up anywhere from multiple points, in just a matter of seconds, you will have immediate access to a secure and reliable satellite broadband connection, ideal for those constantly on the move and venturing through rugged terrain. With broadband speeds of up to 444kbps and the ability to quickly set up camp or socialize with those back home, the Thuraya IP+ ensures that you’re never too far from home

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Satellite internet
The lightest, fastest, and most compact broadband terminal in its class.

The lightest, fastest, and most compact broadband terminal in its class.

Asymmetric streaming with speeds of up to 384kbps gives you the flexibility to address on-demand consumption, so you can significantly reduce your bandwidth costs. The durable and versatile broadband terminal also offers an unlimited data usage plan allowing you to make video calls, share files and utilize other high-bandwidth applications at a fixed monthly rate, so you can adventure care-free, not having to worry about any surprise costs.

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Connectivity on-demand

Whether you’re looking to work remotely or simply stay in touch with those from afar, Cygnus has an extensive range of fast, reliable, and secure satellite internet devices to keep you connected to the world anytime, anywhere. With light, portable terminals that can fit into a backpack, vehicular terminals, and fixed solutions that deliver high bandwidth capacity across the globe – Cygnus has all your travel data needs covered.

Connectivity on-demand

Satellite plans for Thuraya IP+

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